What is the WPS button and how does it work?

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Now you don't need long passwords to connect to the Internet, just three letters: WPS. It is a standard launched in January 2007 and is used to facilitate and speed up connections to wireless home networks. The WPS can be found on a button on the modem. To take advantage of a WPS connection you must use a protected and encrypted network with the initials WPA or WPA2, while it does not work with an insecure WEP.

WPS: what it is and what it is for

Let's see in detail what WPS is. WPS stands for Wi-Fi Protected Setup and it is a function that many of the new routers have that allows you to connect a computer or any other device to a secure wireless network. This is possible without using cables, thanks to the transmission of data via radio waves, which is activated simply by pressing a button, the WPS one. This allows you to no longer have to enter very long passwords to connect to a WiFi network.

The WPS button is usually located on the back of the modem and can be near the power button or located next to the LAN inputs. You will have no difficulty identifying it because it can be marked with the word WPS and a logo made up of two arrows. The WPS button can be found not only on modems, but also on other devices, such as printers to which you can connect quickly.

In practice, the WPS button is used to establish a secure encrypted connection (WPA) quickly and easily with the home router or with a WiFi network to which you have access. Depending on the type of device you want to use, the WPS button can be used in different ways.

How to use the WPS button

What is and how does the WPS button

What are the different ways a WPS connection can be used? Usually with a normal wireless connection you have to choose the network you want to connect to and log in with the correct password. Naturally, it is not possible to connect to a network whose name or password is not known. WPS makes things easier because you don't need to use your password to connect to WiFi. Pressing the WPS button activates the search for new devices. Then, simply select the network from the PC or smartphone you are using.

To associate two devices with the WPS button, just press the button on the router until it starts flashing and do the same with the device you want to associate.

How to use the WPS button of the Telecom Modem

Now let's see how you can use the WPS button of the Telecom Modem to connect router and PC via WiFi. Since it requires a few more steps than the previous procedure, we will explain it to you step by step.

How to use the WPS connection on Android and iPhone

Connecting an Android smartphone with a WPS connection to the WiFi network is also quite simple. Note that the procedure may vary depending on the device you want to connect. Just go to the Settings item on your smartphone, first click on WiFi and then the three dots at the top right, then select Advanced. You will see a screen appear with several items and you will need to click the WPS Push Button. You will see a new screen appear with a progress bar and you will have to click on the WPS button before the synchronization time runs out. Connected! In this way your smartphone can immediately connect to the network and without having to enter any password.

If you have an iPhone, you should know that in this case you cannot use the WPS button to quickly connect your iPhone to a WiFi connection. At the moment, in fact, it is not possible to use WPS on iPhones and iOS devices.

See, connecting devices to a WiFi network with WPS is not that difficult. With this system you can connect to a wireless network quickly and easily, and without having to type long and complicated passwords.