Android, impossible to remove apps with viruses: what to do

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SICUREZZA INFORMATICAAndroid, impossibile rimuovere app con virus: cosa fare

Some security researchers have discovered some adware difficult to delete from the memory of the device.Here's how to behave to get rid of it


According to several threat to users and users, according to several threats and the most threat to users and privacy of users.They spread via e -mail, messaging apps or downloading them from the Play Store, where they are "disguised" by legitimate apps and with high -sounding names or functionality, just to recall the attention of unsuspecting users.

To this, then, a certain degree of difficulty is joined when the time comes to identify and delete Android malware.And, sometimes, it is not possible to get rid of the smartphone viruses even when the user manages to identify them.As noted by ESET researchers, among the major software house active in the IT security sector, some malicious apps are adopting a rather simple trick to deceive users and continue to grind profits for their creators.

How Android viruses scam users

The easiest way to erase an Android app, be it a virus or "legitimate" app, is selecting it by keeping the finger above the icon and dragging it towards the upper part of the screen, where a basket appears.Leaving the icon inside the basket the app - and all the files linked to it - will be deleted from the memory of the device.

Three adware recently discovered by ESET's experts exploited an ingenious trick to avoid being eliminated.In the main screen of the device they showed a simple connection (a bit like those on the pc desktop, just to be understood), while the real app remains hidden in the menanders of the menus.So, even if the user had to try to delete it following the fastest procedure, he would eliminate only the icon on the screen and the app would remain in his place, continuing to show unwanted advertisements.

How to eliminate Android viruses that are not canceled

When you find that your Android smartphone is infected there are some things to do, but two have greater importance than the others: installing an Android antivirus and scanning the device;Delete the malicious app with a slightly longer but certainly more effective procedure.

Open the phone settings, look for the App section and press us on.Now look for the installed app card and the list until you find the offending: press on its line to enter its tab and, once inside, follow the cancellation procedure by pressing on uninstall.Within a few moments the malicious app should be canceled and you should no longer view unwanted advertisements.