How to hide photos and videos on Android smartphones

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Our smartphones contain an invaluable treasure: our photos, our videos, our memories.A treasure that, sometimes, must be protected from prying looks.In fact, there are photos and videos that we could call "sensitive" and that no one should ever see, at least not without our consent.Google has just released a new function of the Google photo app that helps us to protect these files and our privacy: it is the "Blocked folder".

Thanks to the blocked folder it is possible to hide photos and videos on Android smartphones, inserting them in a part of the phone inaccessible to others: to see the contents of the blocked folder it is in fact necessary to unlock the smartphone with the imprint, the face, the pin or any otherProtective method set in the phone.Even if the smartphone is stolen, therefore, those who have it in hand cannot access the photos and videos moved to the blocked folder.Here's how to create a folder blocked on Google Photo, how it is used and what changes for the photos and videos inserted in it.

How to use the folder blocked in Google Photo

La prima cosa da fare è creare la cartella bloccata dove inserire le foto da nascondere, aprendo l’app di Google Foto e andando su Raccolta > Utilità > Cartella bloccata.Google Photo will tell us that the folder is empty and will invite us to select photos to move to the protected area.

Come nascondere foto e video sugli smartphone Android

After creating the blocked folder we can easily and at any time transfer more photos and videos inside: this option will appear for each photo of the gallery, together with those to add the photo to an album, move it to the archive, remove it etc etc ...

It should be noted, however, that any related photos (such as copies or modified versions) will not be automatically moved to the blocked folder: they will be moved manually.

That happens to the files in the blocked folder

The files of the photos and videos included in the blocked folder will not be displayed in the photo grid, among the memories, in the searches, in the albums and will not even be traceable by the third -party apps that have the authorization to access the telephone tunnel.

If we transfer data from one Android phone to another, via cable or via cloud, the photos and videos inserted in the blocked folder will not be moved.If you uninstall Google photos, or we will delete your data to make space in the phone memory, photos and videos of the blocked folder will be deleted.

The blocked folder, therefore, is a very useful function to protect privacy, but we must learn to use it correctly, or we risk losing part of our precious "sensitive" memories.