Samsung's Quick Share is also coming to Windows 10

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With the launch of the Galaxy S20 series, Samsung introduced a new function for quick file sharing without pairing last year: we are talking about Quick Share, a system that replicates within the ecosystem Samsung the convenience of Apple's AirDrop. In fact, Quick Share hasn't brought a new option, but has rationalized a series of options that are already accessible, only scattered in different menus of different applications.

Today's news instead concerns the Windows world: apparently, in fact, the possibility of sending files quickly via Wi-Fi Direct studied by the Korean giant is also about to land on the Redmond operating system. This is the umpteenth piece of a collaboration now well underway between the two companies, and which would allow an even more intuitive and "privileged" interaction between the enormous number of Samsung smartphones and the even greater base of computers with Windows (not let's forget, for example, the integration between the two worlds already offered by an app like "Your phone").

At this time, we don't yet know when the app will be released for the Microsoft Store, or in which markets it will be available. However, it seems that Quick Share is not the only program that Samsung will soon bring to Windows, on the contrary: to be precise, there are two others (or maybe one, but with two different names).

Samsung Quick Share is also coming on Windows 10 -

The first is Samsung Free (previously Samsung Daily), the equivalent of the app that we have seen on smartphones starting from One UI 3.0: we are therefore talking about a collector of articles, games and TV programs. The second is Samsung O, on which, however, information is currently scarce. However, the illustration is identical to that of Samsung Free: it is therefore perhaps a different denomination of the same service, but perhaps intended for other markets.

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