Message, your package is coming: what to do if you have opened the link

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Cosa succede se hai cliccato sul link del messaggiodel pacco che sta arrivando e l’hai aperto? Dipende: se hai iPhone puoi stare relativamente tranquillo, se possiedi uno smartphone Android invece devi verificare se il malware è entrato nel tuo telefono. Ecco come fare.Messaggio, il tuo pacco sta arrivando: cosa fare se hai aperto il link

Message scam and package that is coming: how to solve if you have opened the link

The scam of the message, which reports a message relating to a package that is coming, we have widely told you in detail.It is probably one of the most dangerous, which recently spread in Italy, via smartphone.We know that the best way, to avoid falling into the scam, is to totally ignore the message and not to connect for any reason to the suggested link.

However, if you have clicked on the connection, you may have become the victim of the dangerous flon bot malware, if you own an Android smartphone.In fact, if you use iPhone, it can be relatively quiet: at most, you will have exposed some sensitive data, filling in the form for a false competition.

Instead, if you received an SMS on an Android device - and you click on the link - you were surely redirected to the download of an application called "DHL.apk ”or with the name of some other courier.

If you installed it, granting the requested permits, you may have been infected with malware and your data may be at risk.Fortunately, the researcher - IT security expert - Linuxct, has developed a tool to identify and remove flon bot from your device.The expert also updated his solution, which had been intercepted and bypassed by version 3.39 of the malware, which is the one in the course of diffusion in Italy.

How to remove the SMS scam malware "Your package is coming"

The detailed guide was published in English by Linuxct.If you are not familiar with the tongue, below you can find a synthetic translation to be able to remove the flon bot malware from your device.

First of all, check if you have been infected:

If you understood that your smartphone was probably infected with the flon bot malware, then there are several ways in which you could remove it (all indicated in the guide linked above).Below, we will indicate the simplest, suggested by Linuxct, which provides for use yes a special tool.Here's what you need to do:

This is the easiest method to safeguard your device and eliminate the dangerous malware, linked to the SMS of "your package that is coming".