Tips and tricks to get the most out of Honor's user interface

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A user-friendly and intuitive interface can significantly improve the overall smartphone experience. Honor smartphones are known for their elegant user interface that offers seamless and feature-rich interaction.

Tips and tricks to get the most out of Honor UI

Honor 90 Lite and its technical specifications.

Customize your home screen:

The home screen is where you interact with your most used device. Take advantage of Honor's user interface by customizing the home screen to your preferences. Add or remove app icons, rearrange widgets and customize your wallpapers to create a visually appealing and efficient home screen layout. Honor smartphones often offer various themes and customization options, allowing you to create a unique and personalized interface.

Using App Twin for Dual apps:

The Honor 90 Lite, like many Honor smartphones, supports a feature called App Twin. This allows you to have two instances of the same app on your device, which is especially useful if you want to maintain separate accounts for personal and professional use. For example, you can have two WhatsApp or Facebook accounts running at the same time, making it convenient to manage different profiles within a single device.

Gesture navigation:

Take advantage of gesture navigation to easily navigate your Honor smartphone. Honor devices often offer intuitive gesture controls that eliminate the need for traditional navigation buttons. By swiping and tapping specific areas of the screen, you can quickly switch between apps, access the home screen, or perform other actions. Experiment with different gesture controls and find the ones that work best for you. For more information on the gesture navigation features and customization options available on the Honor 90 Lite, you can refer to the honor 90 lite datasheet.

Smart Assistant features:

Honor smartphones are equipped with intelligent assistant functions that make daily activities more convenient. For example, you can use voice commands to perform actions, set reminders or search for information. Additionally, smart assistant features often include AI-powered shortcuts and recommendations, helping you discover useful apps and features based on your usage patterns.

One-handed mode:

The larger screen sizes of modern smartphones can sometimes make it difficult to use one-handed. Honor devices, including the Honor 90 Lite, usually offer a one-handed mode that reduces the size of the display for easier access. This feature can be especially useful when you're multitasking or need to navigate your device one-handed.

Tips and tricks to get the most out of Honor UI

Battery optimization:

To maximize the battery life of your Honor 90 Lite, take advantage of the built-in battery optimization features. Honor smartphones often offer energy-saving modes that limit background processes, reduce screen brightness, and optimize app usage to extend battery life. You can also manually manage app permissions and limit background activity for specific apps to further save battery power.


Honor's user interface offers a range of features and customization options to enhance your smartphone experience. By personalizing your home screen, using the app twin feature and taking advantage of gesture navigation, you can optimize your usage and productivity. Plus, features like smart assistants, one-handed mode, and battery optimization can further enhance the usability and longevity of your Honor device. So, explore these tips and tricks and unlock the full potential of your Honor 90 Lite or any other Honor smartphone.