Samsung Galaxy Tab S8: when it comes out, price, news

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Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 is the next Samsung tablet line.Will it be able to keep up with the best iPads, just renewed?

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3, Galaxy Watch 4, Galaxy Z Flip 3 and Galaxy Buds 2, but no trace of the new tablets were presented at the UPACKED event of 11 August.According to the latest information, it seems that the Korean house has decided to postpone the release at the beginning of 2022 due to the deficiency of chip, a problem that also negatively influenced Samsung Galaxy Note 21 and Samsung Galaxy S21 FE, some of the best smartphonesSamsung whose output was postponed to indefinite time.

Ultime notizie

Colors and memory cuts of Galaxy Tab S8 have been revealed.In addition, according to the latest rumors, Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra could have a Smart Keyboard like iPad Pro

In any case, the high -end Samsung tablets that will be released next year will be three and not two, as a rumor initially: Galaxy Tab S8 "Smooth", Galaxy Tab S8+ and an even larger and technological version that will be called Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra, which will have a 14.6 -inch screen.

It is rumored that the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 range will most likely be released at the same time with the Galaxy S22 range at the beginning of 2022, a fairly reliable information even if not confirmed.

For years the panorama of Android tablets is not too effervescent, but in addition to Apple and its parallel ecosystem, there is a company that still believes it and really believes it.Samsung, with its Galaxy Tab S range is one of the few companies that designs and manufactures alternative tablets to the iPad of the apple.

Two years ago Samsung had created Galaxy Tab S6, a model that had managed to achieve a fair success, then followed by the less ambitious Galaxy Tab S6 Lite, designed for the middle range of the market.

That had been the first recent attempt of the company to propose truly effective models to make some chair tremble in Cupertino.Last year Samsung managed to churn out the expensive but apt Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 Plus (and its small and modest twin, Galaxy Tab S7), which thanks to a large AMOLED screen, the included nib and the important features, among theWhat a new generation AMOLED screen has proved to be a real competition for Apple's undisputed domain in the tablet sector.

Further on in the article you will find a list of features and characteristics that we would like to see implemented on the new Galaxy Tab S8, while below you will find details on the probable release date and price, as well as any items and indiscretions.

We often update our article every time it circulates some interesting news about it, so if you want to follow the development and marketing of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 range, add this page among your favorites.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S8: straight to the point

Samsung Galaxy Tab S8: exit and price

Samsung does not present the S series tablets with Swiss precision, but the latest models of the Galaxy Tab S7 range and Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 were marketed in August, but while the Tab S7 range was announced in early August, Tab S6 waswas presented at the end of July.

Apparently the models of Galaxy Tab S8 will arrive at the beginning of 2022 together with the Galaxy S22 series and will be 3, instead of the two expected: the fencing already seen will follow starting from the range of Samsung S20 smartphones.There will therefore be Galaxy Tab S8 "Smooth" and Galaxy Tab S8+, the two models that were already initially foreseen, to which, however, is added with a discreet margin of certainty Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra.The rumors relating to this alleged novelty come directly from Eastern Asia and could be true.The three products would take the internal name Basquiat (1,2,3, from the least prestigious up).

Samsung Galaxy Tab S8: quando esce, prezzo, novità

What will the new Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra be like?According to the items, it will have a huge latest generation OLED display of 14.6 "with a resolution much higher than the FullHD one and a 120 Hz refresh rate.It could also have two front cameras (8 and 5 MP), a capable 12 battery.000 mAh complete with fast charging from 45W.

As for the technical data, we report below the information in our possession not yet confirmed by the company, therefore as soon as we have more precise or updated available to it, we will not fail to correct any inaccuracies.

La futura gamma Galaxy Tab S8
Galaxy Tab S8Galaxy Tab S8+Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra
Display11 Pollici LTPS LCD da 120 Hz12,4 Pollici OLED da 120 Hz14,6 Pollici OLED da 120 Hz
Batteria8.000 mAh e ricarica da 45W10.090 mAh e ricarica da 45W11.500-12.000 mAh e ricarica da 45W
RAMpresunti 8 GBpresunti 8 GB8 o 12 GB
Memoriapresunti 128 GB128 o 256 GB128, 256, 512 GB
Prezzoda oltre 600 a oltre 750 Euroda oltre 850 a 1000 Euroda 1100 a oltre 1200 Euro

By way of information, Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 was marketed at € 749 (Wi-Fi) and € 849 (LTE), while the most expensive Galaxy Tab S7 Plus started from € 949 (Wi-Fi) to reach € 1149 (LTE), our idea is that Samsung will remain on this price range to compensate for development costs.There is also the possibility that the various versions of Galaxy Tab S8 are slightly more expensive due to any more introduction technological innovations.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S8: rumors and corridor voices

15/12/2021: some compatible atcessors have been revealed with Galaxy Tab S8, including a protective case similar to the Smart Keyboard Folio for iPad Pro, able to transform the tablet into a small notebook.

14/12/2021: it seems that Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra will be available in a 5G version with 12 GB of RAM and 512 GB of internal memory.Another model would instead have 8 GB of RAM and 128 GB for the storage space, with availability both in Wi-Fi and 5G version.Both versions should only be purchased in dark gray.The 8GB pair of RAM and 128GB of internal memory will represent the only cut available also for Galaxy Tab S8 and Galaxy Tab S8 Plus, which can however be chosen in the dark gray or silver colors, both Wi-Fi and 5G.

07/12/2021: some rendering of the possible design of the three tablets that will make up the series, namely Galaxy Tab S8, S8 Plus and S8 Ultra have been leaked.The latter should have a screen of important size and a rather large battery.Samsung would be evaluating the addition of a small notch to host the dual front camera.This means that tablets could have thinner frames all around the display.

19/11/2021: Due to a Covid outbreak that broke out in a Samsung factory, the exit of Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 would have been delayed.There seems to be no consequences for the Samsung Galaxy S22 series.

09/17/2021: Purs Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra will have a 14.6 "screen with 2960 x 1848 resolution, an 11 battery.500mAh

07/09/2021: Galaxy Tab S8 Plus could mount the Snapdragon 898 processor, the same that we will find on some models of the Galaxy S22 series, while Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra will mount the Exynos 2200.According to other previous rumors, all the tablets of the series will monitor Snapdragon 898, so we would not put our hand on the fire.It also appears that the new tablets will be released together with the Galaxy S22 series at the beginning of next year.

7/07/2021: the indiscretion from a leaker named Lanzuk, posted on a Korean social media, provided that due to the poor availability of chipset, the launch of the new Galaxy Tab S8 range was postponed at the beginning of2022 in an unspecified date.It will not be able to wait next August to see if the source was well informed and we will have to wait another 6 months before getting your hands on the new generation Samsung tablets.

05/31/2021: There could be apparently three different versions instead of the two initially expected: Galaxy Tab S8 "Smooth" and Galaxy Tab S8+, plus the Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra novelty.We have reported above all the information we have at the moment and that we will update as soon as new and more precise details come to us.

12/02/2021: it seems that Samsung is preparing an economic version of the Galaxy Tab S7, which will presumably be called Galaxy Tab S7 Lite.Presumably Tab S7 Lite will position themselves between Tab S6 Lite and Tab S6, while Tab S7 continues to stay at the top for power and functionality.A new leak offers some more information on the new mid -range Samsung tablet, which should arrive on our market shortly, since it was scheduled for the start of summer.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S8: what we would like to see

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 and in particular the Galaxy Tab S7 Plus are excellent tablets, and the Plus version is also at the top of our ranking of the best Android tablets.However, they are not perfect, therefore we have some advice and idea about what Samsung could do to further improve the Galaxy Tab S8 line.

As with last year, we plan that there are more models, or at least 2.Following the current nomenclature they could be called Galaxy Tab S8 and Galaxy Tab S8 Plus and be differentiated by the size of the body.

The Plus model will probably be equipped with a AMOLED screen and both could have a 120 Hz refresh rate and a high -end chipset, such as the Snapdragon 888.

1.More connectors

With the addition of the optional keyboard Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 acquires the flexibility of a mini notebook, but has only a USB-C connector that limits its other excellent versatility a little.

Therefore Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 should have a second additional connector and ideally also a 3.5 mm jack to be able to connect audio headphones.

Tablets must not be thin and compact like smartphones, therefore we believe that the usefulness of having an audio connector is more important than the space that would be saved by removing it by removing.

2.A more competitive price

The Galaxy Tab S range is positioned in the high end of the market, therefore it is practically impossible to find economic models.However, we think that some models, such as the "smooth" Galaxy S7 that was missing some features of the older brother, could have been sold at a cheaper price, therefore we hope that the prices of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 range will be modulated better than thoseof the previous.

3.A backlit cover keyboard

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 supports an optional, good quality keyboard cover, but the non -retroillhout keys are difficult to use in the dark, therefore we would like them to be.It is not a real problem, but it could make a big difference for some people, so we would like the keys of the Galaxy Tab S8 external keyboard cover to be backlit.

4.An OLED screen on all models

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 Plus has a AMOLED screen, but the "smooth" tab is equipped with an all too traditional LCD screen, so we would like the whole Galaxy Tab S8 line to be equipped with one of Samsung's excellent AMOLED screens.

More and more companies offer OLED screens on their devices and even Apple now offers them on almost the entire iPhone range, we therefore believe that all Samsung high -end tablets use an OLED screen.

In addition, Apple has adopted the OLED on its phones, while the iPad range still uses LCD screens, and it is one of those things that can push the less satisfied Apple customers to Samsung models.

5.A back that does not hold on fingerprints

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 and Tab S7 Plus have an aluminum back that gives them an appearance and a feeling of value to the touch, but something that partially ruins the appearance is inherent in their inclination to retain (and show) the fingerprints, as we pointed out in our review.

This is a problem already seen on many phones, tablets and notebooks, but we would like Samsung to try to solve the problem definitively on Galaxy Tab S8, above all because tablets are not always used with a case and we would like our expensive Tab S8it always remained immaculate as in the first day of use.