Samsung: sales of folding phones are quadrupled.It seems that more people are eager to test folding phones

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As is known, Samsung has invested a lot in the folding in recent years with the flip and fold.The phones of the series have improved at each iteration, but there are still occasional childhood diseases that must be resolved.Despite this, it seems that the interest in folding phones is increasing significantly.Especially in 2021.

Samsung has provided some numbers that give us an idea of how things are going in the folding segment and it seems that both fold 3 and flip 3 are selling relatively well.Without entering specific figures, Samsung says that the sales of the two headphones have exceeded those of the previous versions in one month.In addition, Flip 3 did a good job in appealing users of telephones from other manufacturers as there was an increase of 150 percent compared to what seemed the Note 20 of last year.

Samsung: le vendite di telefoni foldsvoli sono quadruplicate. Sembra che più persone siano desiderose di testare i telefoni foldsvoli

In their investigation on users, the people who purchased the Flip 3 appreciated the phone for the external display that offers the user a quick overview of the notifications and more.When it comes to fold 3, what attracts is the large screen, multitasking skills and support s pen.

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