Screen lock on Android, what options available

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The lock screen on Android, as well as on the "competition" devices prevents direct access to the content of the mobile device by unauthorized users and prevents accidental interactions with the screen and with the functionality of the phone when this is in your pocketor in the bag.

To activate the screen lock on Android and, above all, choose what type of protection to use, just access the Operating System Settings menu, touch the Safety and position item, access the screen lock then activate the protection via PIN, password or graphic sequence.

On Android smartphones that allow the unlocking of the screen by means of a fingerprint, facial or iris recognition, it is still necessary to set another accessory protection in advance among those already mentioned: pin, password or sequence.

Com'è noto, quando il riconoscimento mediante impronta digitale o il riconoscimento facciale dovessero fallire (di solito dopo 5 tentativi), il dispositivo Android chiederà di introdurre PIN, password o sequenza corretti. Solo a questo punto verrà mostrata la schermata Home.

The Android screen lock through graphic sequence offers a good compromise between ease of use, immediacy and safety.The advice is usually to avoid too simple graphic sequences (to prevent, for example, they can be stored by some natural person, interested in taking a look at the content of the phone ...) but, at the same time, the particularly complex onesbecause obviously the unlocking operation of the mobile device must be quick and request a maximum of a couple of seconds.

Overcome the screen lock with Smart Lock

Smart Lock is an Android functionality that allows you to avoid the scuffling of the block screen when, for example, you were in a trusted place (home).

Blocco schermo su Android, quali le opzioni disponibili

Smart Lock relies on Android's geolocation services to establish the position of the device and deactivate the screen lock when you are in the indicated place.

Per attivare Smart Lock è sufficiente accedere alle impostazioni di Android, scegliere Sicurezza e posizione quindi Smart Lock.

By touching reliable places you can set an area where the screen lock must be automatically deactivated (home, office or other places).

However, it should be borne in mind that the Android geolocation service may not always be precise: the smartphone will therefore be unlocked within a radius of several meters from the exact point in which you are.

The Smart Lock functionality allows you to keep the Android device unlocked by facilitating immediate access to the home screen from the lock screen, when it was in contact with the body, when nearby a known device (reliable devices) was detected, in case of positive facial recognitionor the user of the user.

Smart Lock should not be confused with Smart Lock for Password, an instrument that stores the passwords and credentials off to the way to the Android apps installed on the device on the Google servers (see Android functions to be activated or immediately deactivate the Smart Lock Paragraph for Password,useful but with some reserve).

Climb over the screen when they did not remember pin, passwords or sequences

Up to the old Android 4.4 Kitkat, after making a mistake 5 times to insert PIN, password or sequence, the operating system showed a button to start the recovery of the device by inserting the access credentials to the Google account.

Starting from Android 5.0 This possibility has been removed: owners of a Samsung device can take advantage of the personal device that allows you to unlock the phone remotely after login to your user account.

Alternatively, on all the other devices, you can resort to find my Google device which not only allows you to establish where the mobile device is located but also allows blocking it, unlocking it or deleting the remote content by reporting it to the factory state: FindMy Android phone, Google's functionality is renewed.

If they had forgotten pin, password or sequence for the release of the phone, the only system consists of requesting the reset of the content of the device from finding my device by clicking on the device reset.

Unfortunately, the command blocks the device only allows you to set the block screen on the devices where it had not been previously enabled.Instead, it does not allow you to set a new password.

Using the device reset the device, the Android screen lock will be removed but, at the same time, all the content of the device will be eliminated.See also the Android backup article, how it works and how to create it.

Even if the service has not enabled finds my device in the Android settings (Security and position section, find my device) you can still reset the content of the device.

The procedure varies depending on the firmware used, especially if a third -party ROM has been installed to replace the original one: Android update, how to do it when it seems impossible.

To start the device in Recovery mode, simply turn it off, then press the combination of keys (usually volume and power keys) which allows you to access it.Here you will find the Wipe Data/Factory Reset or similar command.

Temporarily disable all modes for Android's fast release

There is a feature that Google has led to the debut with the release of Android 9 Pie and which is now very little known to date.

It is supposed to be in a situation in which you had "physically" forced to unlock your smartphone.Always bringing to the Security and Position of the Android Settings menu, then choosing preferences for lock screen and activating the locking option option you can deactivate all the advanced methods for the fast unlocking of the device on request: facial, voice recognition of thefingerprint, position and so on.The only way to overcome the Android screen lock will consist of typing the password or correct pin or set the right graphic sequence.

If you were in difficulty and wanted to temporarily deactivate Smart Lock, the recognition of the digital imprint and, at the same time, immediately hide the notifications that may be present in the lock screen just - from the Lock Screen - hold the button for a couple of secondsof ignition of the phone then touch the new block icon.