Smartphone: Samsung overturns the ranking in Europe

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In recent months Samsung has been repeatedly exceeded in various sales rankings of smartphones, drawn up by more than one market analysis company.To overcome it had been Xiaomi, who since last year recorded an incredible growth precisely to the detriment of Samsung.The Korean manufacturer, in fact, this year did not apt the price of its line of top of the range Galaxy S21 and paid the consequences.

The last ranking of Counterpoint Research relating to the third quarter 2021 confirms this trend, with Samsung that actually loses a lot compared to last year, but also lets hope for a recovery.The Korean giant exceeds Xiaomi again and resumes the summit of the manufacturers' ranking by number of smartphones sold on European soil.All this a few weeks after the launch of Xiaomi 12, the next top of the Chinese range, while the launch date of Samsung Galaxy S22 is still uncertain and it has not yet been really understood if Samsung Galaxy S21 FE, an economic version of the top of the range will arriveKorean.

Smartphone ranking: the third quarter in Europe

Counterpoint data photograph sales sales in the months of July, August and September 2021 in Europe, comparing them to the same period 2020.In summary: Samsung has sold both compared to the same quarter 2020 and compared to the second half of 2021.

Smartphone: Samsung ribalta la classifica in Europa

But since Xiaomi, after a long growing month, has lost something too, here Samsung climbed up and returns first.All this while Apple capitalizes the iPhone 13 and Huawei effect almost disappears from the smartphone market in the old continent.

Here is the ranking:

  1. Samsung – 30,4% del mercato
  2. Xiaomi – 23,6% del mercato
  3. Apple – 22,1% del mercato
  4. Oppo – 10,1% del mercato
  5. realme – 2,4% del mercato
  6. vivo – 1,8% del mercato
  7. Motorola – 1,1% del mercato
  8. Nokia HMD – 0,9% del mercato
  9. Honor – 0,5% del mercato
  10. Huawei – 0,5% del mercatoAltri – 6,7% del mercato