10 Best SmartWatch compatible with 2021 Samsung [compatible with Galaxy Serie Z, Galaxy S21 and old smartphones]

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With the best smartwatch compatible with Samsung we mean smartwatches that work better if combined with an Android phone, and there are many to choose from, and this is where this guide comes into play.As we all know, Samsung is a leading manufacturer in the world of technology and produces TV, smartphones, smartwatches and more.They recently launched their Galaxy Z Fold3 5G smartphone, Galaxy Z Flip3 5G, Galaxy F22, Galaxy S21, Galaxy A52S and Galaxy M32 which are quite popular.

Perhaps the thought of having a smartwatch has ever gone through the mind one or twice or even several times when you see that your best friends have one, but you are too reluctant to take it for you because you don't know very much about these things in lifedigital.

Samsung releases new smartwatches every year.They are very loved by its customers all over the world.The company went in a different direction for its smartwatches when she decided to embrace the circular design, allowing it to offer customers a more natural user experience. Utilizza anche la propria piattaforma Tizen per questi dispositivi in ​​modo da poter offrire più funzionalità.

Aspects to consider while buying Samsung compatible smartwatch

1.Battery life

The battery life remains one of the greatest complaints on smartwatches, but steps have recently been made.You can expect two whole days from Apple Watch and most of the Wear OS devices.

The watches that use the Snapdragon Wear 3100 processor support extensive battery modes that presumably allow you to get up to five days with a charge, if you are willing to deactivate most of the features aside, you know,.

The next generation Wear 4100 processor of Snapdragon has been announced, but we still have to see the first smartwatches running on it.Other devices can last from five to seven days, but they usually have less functions and display of lower quality and some fitness watches can last weeks with a single charge.


Your watch can not only keep track of your morning runs, but also reproducing your jogging jams.Many smartwatches compatible with Samsung allow you to save your music locally, so you can connect wireless earphones and listen to music without bringing the phone.

Those who do not have integrated storage space for music usually have controls for music on the clock, so you can control playback without extracting the phone.And if your watch has LTE, local rescue is not necessary: you will be able to transmit music directly from the clock to the associated earphones.


10 Best SmartWatch compatible with Samsung from 2021 [Compatibile con Galaxy Serie Z, Galaxy S21 e vecchi Smartphone]

Most of the latest smartwatches can connect to Wi-Fi.If you don't see a Wi-Fi setting in the settings list, you cannot use Wi-Fi.


Smartwatches can also simplify communication with app warnings, text responses and calls for calls.The notices of the app sent to your smartwatch allow you to look down and see if you absolutely need to check your phone right now.

Text notices do the same and some smartwatches allow you to send short answers directly from your wrist.Others also allow you to answer calls and those who have LTE allow you to make calls even when the phone is off.

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Best SmartWatch compatible with Samsung from 2021

1.Samsung Galaxy Watch4

SaleSamsung Galaxy Watch4 Classic 46mm SmartWatch Acciaio Inox, Ghiera Rotante, Monitoraggio Benessere, Fitness Tracker, 2021, Nero [Versione Italiana]399,00 EUR−95,91 EUR303,09 EUR Acquista Da AmazonLast updated price on 2021-12-15 (affiliation link)

Last updated price on 2021-12-15 (affiliation link)

2.Fossil Smartwatch Gen 6

SaleFossil Smartwatch Gen 6 da Uomo in Acciaio Nero con Cinturino in Pelle Marrone, FTW4062299,00 EUR−75,00 EUR224,00 EURAcquista Da AmazonLast updated price on 2021-12-17 (affiliation link)

Last updated price on 2021-12-17 (affiliation link)

3.Amazfit T-Rex Pro

SaleAmazfit T-Rex Pro Smartwatch Orologio Intelligente Fitness Schermo AMOLED da 1,3", GPS Integrato Impermeabile 10 ATM, 100 Modalità di Allenamento, Durata della Batteria di 18 Giorni, Uomo, Donna, Blu195,00 EUR−26,00 EUR169,00 EUR Acquista Da AmazonLast updated price on 2021-12-17 (affiliation link)

Last updated price on 2021-12-17 (affiliation link)

4.Samsung Galaxy Active 2

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 (Bluetooth) 44Mm, Aluminum, Nero239,66 EUR Acquista Da AmazonLast updated price on 2021-12-15 (affiliation link)

Last updated price on 2021-12-15 (affiliation link)

5.Amazfit Smartwatch GTS

SaleAmazfit Smartwatch GTS Orologio da Polso Display del Quadrante in Vetro 3D Impermeabile 5 ATM con GPS, Contapassi, 12 Modalità Sport per Donna Uomo129,99 EUR−14,99 EUR115,00 EUR Acquista Da AmazonLast updated price on 2021-12-23 (affiliation link)

Last updated price on 2021-12-23 (affiliation link)


SaleAGPTEK LW11 Smartwatch Uomo Orologio Fitness con 1.3" Full Touch, Impermeabile IP68, Cardiofrequenzimetro da Polso, Activity Tracker Sportivi Contapassi ControlloMusic Cronometro per Android iOS49,99 EUR−6,00 EUR43,99 EUR Acquista Da AmazonLast updated price on 2021-12-12 (affiliation link)

Last updated price on 2021-12-12 (affiliation link)

7.Amazfit Bip S Lite

Amazfit Bip S Lite Smartwatch Orologio Fitness Tracker, Display Always-on, 150 Quadranti, Durata Batteria 30 Giorni, Impermeabil 5 ATM, Montoraggio della Frequenza Cardiaca, Notifiche Messaggi, Nero39,90 EUR Acquista Da AmazonLast updated price on 2021-12-24 (affiliation link)

Last updated price on 2021-12-24 (affiliation link)

8.Samsung Galaxy Fit2

Samsung Galaxy Fit2 Nero con Accelerometro, Giroscopio, Monitoraggio Frequenza cardiaca, Tracker allenamento, Display 1.1" AMOLED, batteria 159 mAh [Versione Italiana]Acquista Da AmazonLast updated price on 2021-12-15 (affiliation link)

Last updated price on 2021-12-15 (affiliation link)

9.Amazfit Smartwatch GTR

Amazfit Smartwatch GTR 42mm Orologio Intelligente Fitness Tracker 1,2 Pollici Touch Control Orologio Sportivo Impermeabile 5 ATM Cronometro con GPS, Contapassi, Monitor del Sonno, 12 Modalità Sport82,99 EUR Acquista Da AmazonLast updated price on 2021-12-27 (affiliation link)

Last updated price on 2021-12-27 (affiliation link)

10.Firyawee Smartwatch

No Products Found.

Frequent questions

Puoi usare uno smartwatch con un telefono Samsung?

The best smartwatch for Android: the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2.Samsung has released two smartwatches this year and the second is the one to be obtained.It works with Samsung's personalized Tizen software, but is perfectly compatible with any Android phone.

Come faccio a sapere se uno smartwatch è compatibile con il mio telefono?

Fortunately, Google made the verification process really simple.From your Android device, focus on the browser on http: // g.co/wearcheck.Once there you will be welcomed with a screen similar to the one in the photo above if your device will work well with Android Wear.

Qualsiasi smartwatch può funzionare con qualsiasi telefono?

Smartwatch operating systems.Smartwatches require the association to a smartphone for the notification functionality.It is important to understand that not all smartwatches will work with all smartphones.Most smartwatches are compatible with an Android or iOS device or, in some cases, both.

Vale la pena prendere uno smartwatch?

In our opinion, yes, it is worth it.You can opt for a convenient wearable device or do everything, depending on your budget.Since most of the big brands have increasingly interested the smartwatch trade, there is no shortage of smartwatches to choose from.


I tried to list the Samsung compatible smartwatch, I hope you managed to find a reliable option.You can take a look at the following for greater clarity:

If you have not yet found the right one, comment below and I will help you find one within 1-2 weeks.

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