Apple, beta 3 of iOS and iPadOS 14.5: more privacy with AirTags tracking block -

Time: 17/Jan By: kenglenn 809 Views

We do not yet know if and when the Apple Card will also arrive in Italy but in the meantime, where present, with iOS 14.5 it could be enriched with a new function that will allow you to share the card with other family members. Evidence of this possibility is present in the iOS 14.5 code. Apple has never confirmed the existence of the Apple Card Family but the code indicates that it will likely be announced in the coming weeks.

Apple Card Family, internally called "Madison", will allow you to set a spending limit for each invited user, just like it usually happens with additional cards. and you can choose between two different types of sharing. With "Allow Spend Only", guest users will not have access to their total balance, settings and transaction history. To enable these features, the card owner will need to select the "Become co-owner" option.

By inviting a family member as a co-owner, the Wallet app will offer the invited user the opportunity to have their own "credit score", to prove to the bank their reliability, but it will be necessary to provide the social security number to Goldman Sachs Bank to allow separate credit management.