Apple has no intention of opening apps on iOS to the Sideload

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During the Web Summit 2021 Craig Federighi, the head of the iOS and macOS software branch, took the floor to talk about the sideload of applications on the App Store and therefore on iOS.

For Craig Federighi the Sideload on iOS opens the doors to malware

Without too many laps of words, for Craig Federighi the Sideload on iOS opens the doors to malware: "Sideloding is the best friend of a computer criminal and requesting it on the iPhone would be a gold race for the malware industry."According to Apple's software manager, in fact, the block of the Sideload on iOS is the reason why on Apple there is a low malware rate compared to the" 5 million monthly attacks on Android ".

The idea that a user can decide according to consciousness and possibly proceed with the installation of apps outside the App Store, would also entail risks for the privacy and safety of every Apple user, including children.The stringent rules of the App Store also oblige the developers to set up specific privacy features, which instead may not happen if the Sideload was a practice allowed on iOS.

Apple non ha intenzione di aprire al sideload delle app su iOS

Obviously Federighi makes Apple's game and does not take into consideration that on Mac, for example, users have the freedom to download and install software outside the App Store.MacOS, moreover, can count on Gatekeemper that allows the company to control the digital signature of an app in real time and evaluate its reliability.Despite this, however, for Federighi the Sideload on iOS would have the arrival of an avalanche of malware as its arrival.

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