Need to set up ho mobile hotspot? Here you find all the parameters and the guide

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Many of the customers of ho mobile, the low cost operator of Vodafone, complain of not being able to share the many gigabytes made available by the offer with other devices. If you are also among those who have this problem, I'll explain how to activate the mobile hotspot.

This guide is useful for both iPhone and Android users, as well as Windows smartphones.


Who is ho mobile?

2018 was the summer of the battle of the telephone operators.

The arrival of Iliad in the Italian market has set in motion a series of reactions that have changed the structure of the mobile telephony market. The numbers of the transalpine manager are important, but ho mobile has also gathered many new customers.

For those who don't know yet, ho mobile is a virtual mobile phone manager owned by Vodafone, created precisely to respond to the Iliad offensive.

Actually, Kena mobile is also part of this match. The latter is also a virtual manager born to counter Iliad, Kena mobile is owned by TIM.

In short, in the summer of 2018 there were some good ones and fortunately for the benefit of consumers. In fact, the offers of the new operators are particularly convenient and this has moved important segments of customers who have left the old operator to switch to a cheaper plan with more minutes, SMS and gigabytes.

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Configuring the ho mobile hotspot

You have probably also used the automatic ho mobile configurator.

Do you need to configure ho mobile hotspot? Here you will find all the parameters and the guide

This sets an APN (Access Point Name) in smartphones that allows you to access the internet.

The problem lies in the fact that this access point does not allow sharing the data connection with other smartphones, tablets, computers. etc.

To be able to navigate and also use the mobile hotspot, it is therefore necessary to set a new APN on the phone.

It's not easy, so I'll explain how to do it.

To set up a new APN, go to the area dedicated to the Access Point Names that every smartphone has.

Below, broken down by operating system, are the most common paths for accessing the APN settings. Reaching this area is a necessary condition to add an APN and be able to make a mobile hotspot

iPhone phone

Windows Phone smartphone

Android smartphone

The fragmentation of Android operating systems means that there is no single way to get to the screen of the APNs.

Hotspot ho mobile configuration parameters

Once you reach the area dedicated to APNs, you need to create a new one or modify an existing one. In both cases, the parameters must be entered below

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Ho-mobile hotspot not working

Many users, despite using these parameters, have not managed to configure their phone with ho-mobile SIM to make the hotspot.

The problem is solved by inserting additional data. If you also cannot get the ho mobile hotspot to work, use the parameters you see below.

Setting up the mobile hotspot on a dual SIM phone

If your smartphone is a dual SIM, you probably haven't solved the problem yet. If so, try the settings below:

For all the configurations that I have shown you and in general every time a new APN is created, it is then necessary to activate it.

Usually it is done in the previous screen, where there are all the APNs created, by checking or activating the option in correspondence with the name of the APN.

By setting the APN correctly, the hotspot works very well and allows you to share the gigabytes of the ho mobile offer, the Vodafone home manager, which boasts a superior territorial coverage compared to other operators.

If you want to know how to set up a hotspot with an Android phone, read the guide I've prepared for you. If you want, you can contribute to this post using the comments section.

Thank you for reading my article Need to set up ho mobile hotspot? Here you find all the parameters and the guide.

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