Do you need an antivirus?Useful tips on which to choose

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Key points

Here are some questions to which we will try to answer this article.Are Windows viruses still a problem?

Windows has a fairly satisfactory integrated protection?Let's see together which are the best 2021 antivirus to be installed on your PC.

The importance of an antivirus

Viruses today still represent a big problem, but not the only one to worry about, since attempts to steal personal and sensitive data are now increasingly frequent, such as personal and banking data.

Among other things, these web criminals use increasingly elaborate methods such as fake applications and websites, which aim to steal access and private information data.

Modern antivirus software do much more than identify, block and remove viruses.The best on the market, in fact, manage to protect personal data regardless of the device you are using.

This means that choosing a security suite today that works both on the PC and on your mobile phone is certainly an excellent solution.

Currently there are packages that also include VPN, in order to offer greater security and privacy while surfing the web, notifying if there is a malware that tries to access the camera or the microphone of the device.

Indeed, the last functionality added concerns the protection of identity and aims to monitor unpleasant intrusions in email addresses, passwords and other personal information.

It is also able to notify the user in advance to allow him to act in time and avoid the worst.

In 2021, considering an antivirus only to avoid the danger of virus attacks is no longer sufficient, because it represents only a minimum part of the security that is needed.

Better to opt for a software that is able to guarantee maximum tranquility, while working on Windows PC or on an Android smartphone.

What kind of antivirus does Windows 10 have?

Referring to Windows, we know well that it has been equipped with antivirus protection for many years, it is the one pre -installed with Windows 10 is undoubtedly the most powerful that has ever been.

Hai bisogno di un Antivirus? Consigli utili su quale scegliere

Let's talk about Windows Defender, excellent software that can protect the entire system of a device.In the most recent AV-TEST report (May and June 2021), it blocked 100% of "known" viruses and as many zero-day attacks "unknown".

In reality it should be an advantage that a security software is integrated into the operating system, but when it comes to system resources, it has a greater resistance factor and this causes a slowdown in loading applications.

This does not happen with other products designed for computer security such as Norton 360.What is even more important is that Windows Defender does not even offer those extra -foreseen securities with paid products.

This means that you are not equally protected by dangerous websites, social scams and phishing emails.Surely Windows Defender has the advantage of being free and not providing for any installation or configuration.

But this does not mean obtaining complete protection, which instead offer the best paid products and for this reason that we cannot advise you to keep this for your safety, especially for non -Windows devices such as mobile phone.

Why choose a paid antivirus software?

The question arises: why pay to obtain greater safety on your device?

The answer is already clear for everything we have said so far.In addition to the fact that Windows Defender can slow down the loading of applications, a paid antivirus software offers other advantages.

Let's start from the fact that it provides a wider range of functionality, always referring to the level of protection on the PC and other devices, such as the notices of applications that try to access the webcam and notifications on violations of the email address.

It should also be borne in mind that a paid security product is updated regularly and additions new functions.

Among all the recommended products to browse the web without any concern, our best choices are currently Norton 360 and MC Fee Total Protection.

Paying to obtain the best protection, it means also having the opportunity to obtain it in a single subscription on all devices, including those of other members of the family.

What can be done to improve Windows 10 safety

It will never be possible to obtain complete protection in a completely free way, but there are still some to be done that can help.

Install and use a password manager

Betwarden is an excellent password manager able to store all the user's access and insert them every time you need to access an application, a website or a service.

It often happens that password managers ask where it has been used, so that it can be changed more easily.Some of them connect the user directly to the editing page of the password of that site.

Install a VPN service

A VPN encrypts the Internet connection and helps to add safety and to offer privacy while you visit sites, you download files or other activities are performed online.

The advice is to use a reliable VPN service and there are some valid but free of them to choose from.

Pay attention to what you click on

It is now known that most of the scams consist of inducing the person to click on connections in the emails sent and which in turn unload malware.

Same thing applies to the versions of false sites that require access and then steal the data of the unfortunate.In this case, our advice is to verify the truthfulness of these sites by not clicking on the indicated connection, but by typing the address from your Broswer.

If it is real, it will certainly be able to find it.We must also pay close attention to the messages present in social media, always considering every connection or download as suspicions.

These are the most common scams to avoid.

Regular backups

Another valid suggestion to protect your data is to carry out regular offline backups, although knowing that the use of online services is an excellent thing.

In this regard, we recommend taking a look at useful guides on how to backup Windows 10 and set a regular planning.

Do not use an administrator account

Another important action that can be made to obtain greater protection on your devices, is to avoid using a Windows account with administrator privileges.

This means that many threats are eradicated, avoiding many malware and spyware to settle.Just create a new administrator account and modify the existing one, making it standard.

Here's how to do it:

In this last item is added a family member or a generic account.It sets itself as an administrator and then existing from the existing account.

Then you access it as new, then you click on your normal account and when the option is displayed, the type of account is clicked on it.At this point you can choose whether to make the standard account or administrator.

Making this step should offer discreet protection from accidental downloads with hidden malware.