iPhone does not light up: remedies, causes, what to do

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Your iPhone does not turn on and no longer works suddenly.A drama in the sense of the word, which affects many users who without any warning meet in front of a dead and black screen, blocked and without signs of life.What to do and what are the remedies?The causes can be many and sometimes the solution of the problem is simpler than it seems, without necessarily having to resort to assistance (which can often reach the coast as much as I recover iPhone).

If iPhone does not turn on, don't panic, but try to solve everything following the methods that we will now indicate you.Of course, if your problem is the broken screen there is no alternative practical solution to that of a repair at a specialized center, but if the defect is of another nature you can safely proceed independently.Here's what to do if iPhone doesn't answer and it doesn't work.

iPhone does not light up: remedies

Connect iPhone to the charger

iPhone suddenly turned off and you did not realize that the battery was slowly dying.Nothing serious, it happens to everyone sooner or later and now the only thing you can view is the black screen indicating a download battery and the power supply request (through the Lightning cable icon).

In some cases, iPhone may have unloaded so not to make even the screen that we have just talked about, but don't worry: everything you need to do is connect iPhone to your charger (obviously attacked to an electrical outlet).

iPhone does not light up: remedies, cause, cosa fare

Some particular environmental conditions, such as too hot or too cold temperatures, or other apps can quickly lead to total battery exhaustion.In this case they may also want 30 minutes to review iPhone to return to life: do not use it and not detach it from the socket even if it is again resuming its functions but wait for the recharge to be complete before removing it from the charging station.

Clean the charging socket

You connected iPhone to the charger but nothing happens.It may happen that our pomephone present inside the Lightning charging connector a little dust and dirt, perhaps accumulated over time simply by keeping it in your pocket.

In this case, a conduction problem may have occurred which could be the basis of a malfunction of the important charging socket and therefore of the iPhones itself, which may not respond to the commands precisely because it is without recharging.

The best solution is therefore to try to clean the connector with a small staple, illuminate the small hole well and be careful in handling the possible pin with which to remove lumps of dirt deposited.An abrupt movement could damage the circuits that allow iPhone to recharge so if you are not in a hurry and try to be as delicate as possible.

Forced restart iPhone

If the problem does not seem due to charging you may have to resort to a restart of iPhone: the procedure is very simple and varies according to the device (since the new iPhone X and superior are free of home button).

In this case, to turn off iPhone, hold the power button located at the top on the right side of the device.If you cannot perform this operation then try to proceed with the forced restart: this operation does not put your data at risk but allows an iPhone blocked and not working to recover.

Connect iPhone to PC or Mac with iTunes

Have none of these methods worked?Then try connecting iPhone to your PC or Mac equipped with the latest version of iTunes installed.

Open iTunes and connect your iPhone via the battery charger USB cable and then wait for the recognition (the operation may take a few minutes).

If your fixed or laptop computer recognizes the connected device you are in good hands: iTunes should then restart iPhone without too much problems that would therefore return to be used.

Number of green Apple Assistance and Support

Have you tried all the methods but iPhone just doesn't work?In this case then the solution could be to contact an expert.

Fortunately, Apple also allows you to do it by telephone through the appropriate toll -free number prepared for Italy.To have preliminary assistance and telephone support you can call 800915904.

Through the official apple website, in the Apple Support section, you can contact a specialized operator via email or via chat by reporting already starting from the initial page for which type of device you need assistance.