The nurse attacked on the bus speaks in Milan: 'I hate feeling on me the hands of that bastard' rotate-motor Facebook Twitter WhatsApp Facebook Twitter WhatsApp email Facebook Twitter WhatsApp Facebook Twitter WhatsApp email

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"How do I feel?I don't know how to describe how I feel.I only know that I feel close to you, thank you for your affection and I hope that justice will be done as soon as possible.Because I am tired of living like this.You can't be afraid to get a bus to go to work.You can't, you can't live in terror ".

To speak is Raffaella R., a 34 -year -old nurse, who on Sunday 3 January was wildly beaten by a robber while going to work.He does it in a video published on his Facebook page four days away from the morning of the attack on the ATM line 91.It does so using tones still full of anger and regret for the situation he had to live.Words that confirms shortly after in MilanoToday: «I can't describe my mood and physicist.I always feel my hands on me.I have atrocious pain in the knee and neck ".

The attack on the bus in Milan

On his face are evident the signs of the beating made by someone who for the moment is still in freedom.A black eye, a cervical collar and two showy patches on the forehead and nose to cover the wounds.All for an iPhone.

Video: the words of the woman

Parla l'infermiera aggredita sul bus a Milano: 'Odio sentirmi addosso le mani di quel bastardo' rotate-mobile Facebook Twitter WhatsApp Facebook Twitter WhatsApp Email Facebook Twitter WhatsApp Facebook Twitter WhatsApp Email

Around 6.45, while trying to reach the RSA in the Portello area where he works as a nurse, a man snatched his mobile phone from his hands.His instinctive resistance triggered unprecedented violence by the stranger, described as North African.First she slammed her head against a bus handrail and then ran away dragging the 34 year old for a couple of meters.

The appeal of the nurse beaten on the bus

“I just hope they take it.Damn bastards.I just hope they take you - he says in the video, generally addressing all the criminals, Raffaela - and make you rot in prison ».That morning, the nurse called the police and rescue once he arrived in the RSA where he works.From there he was then transported to Fatebenefratelli, where he was treated.

Now on social networks the woman, of Campania origin but residing in Milan, launches this appeal to ask for justice.«Forget is very difficult, I hope that at least justice is done, I was just going to work.I had a tremendous fear, I tried to defend myself but he was stronger than me, "he remembers.

Raffaela also stresses that her request has no political color."Here these are not that they are foreigners or Italians, here it is 'shit people', any nationality are!Here we are talking about perfidious people who have nothing to lose, making us risk their life normal people who go to work.After what I have suffered I would like more safety on buses ".

More safety on ATM buses?

His appeal has been relaunched and commented on by many, including the Facebook Transieri Facebook page of Milan where among the many comments - different from ATM staff - the necessary is asked to increase security in some surface lines, especially in circulars 90 e91.The same where even a murder was recently committed (in front of a stop), after a dispute that began on the bus.

«I thank you very much for your affection, I feel very close to you, I try not to think about it, but unfortunately my unconscious always goes there.I hate feeling my hands on that bastard and feeling so fragile, I hope this nightmare will end up as soon as possible.Damn bastards - lo sfogo della donna, ancora visibilmente scossa - vi stanno cercando e vi prenderanno, la gente come voi deve pagare per il male che fa».