The police again warn of the Android virus via false SMS on the package

Time: 08/Nov By: kenglenn 370 Views

Criminals try to access phones and bank details through text messages that presumably come from parcel managers.In May, these messages that distribute Flubot malware on Android devices have disappeared around.Today the police warned we return to the practices, having recently added dozens of new victims.The police foresee that the number of victims will continue to increase.

The text message indicates that you have been sent a package and that you can trace the package through an application, for example UPS or DHL.The app is not available in the Android Google Play Store App Store, but you have to install it manually.If you have it, your phone has been infected with malware.

La polizia avverte di nuovo del virus Android tramite SMS falsi sul pacchetto

The malware tries to steal money by secretly changing the amount and recipient during the transfer with false pages.The victim notes this trick only when he looks at the scale or debt.The malware controls even if the user is using a cryptocurrency application and tries to plunder these accounts too.

Monitoring and traceability lead to a false app

“Suddenly you receive a message that informs you that a package is coming?To trace the mail, you will be asked to click on a tracking connection.Be careful of this, because this is the moment when the attackers are trying to move.They give you the idea that you can actually trace the package via track and trace, but what happens is actually that you are sent to a false app through this link in the text, "said the police.