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It has been circulating on the net for some day and it seems like a movie monologue: a boy tries to pawn his cell phone. The result is a surreal but very intense discourse

Ale. Rov.04 August 2021 08:56

It has become the meme of the summer: there is no satirical page that does not now use it as a starting point. Let's talk about the video where a boy, in a confident manner, with a courteous tone and the attitude of a consummate businessman, offers his mobile phone as a pledge to a shopkeeper, on the outskirts of a large city in Northern Italy. The images appear to be recent, as the young man is wearing a mask. His speech, which we report entirely, is a small masterpiece mixed between nonsense and the coaching lesson. And it looks like a movie monologue. In a few days it is monopolizing memes and jokes on social media.

"I need money today to make more money. If I leave you this phone now, and you give me 250 euros, I'll bring it back to you tomorrow, I'll also give you 280-300 and you give me the phone back. If I don't bring them to you, you keep the phone. You give me a maximum of one/two days. Now I'm going out of here, my aim is only one thing: to make money. Why this one here, can I tell you one thing? It's my heart that I'm leaving you. If I leave you, I only ask you one thing with my heart: don't turn it on, don't look at it, don't touch me. Because if you turn it on, you touch, you look at anything at me, I get pissed worst of all. If things are going well for me, I reward you at a high level. If you want to remove the film to give the check you must be 100% sure, because this film too, I care about her too. Nothing, I'm not repeating you twice. I also rewarded him with a hundred euros in two days, if I don't come to pick him up, the phone remains yours, it's a deal we're making. Can't you? Goodbye thanks", says the boy, greets politely and leaves the shop.

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Ala. Rov.04 August 2021 08:56
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