The best antispyware 2021 (free and paid)

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If we realize that we have in execution of the software that we have never installed and we do not know the origin and, worse still, the system behaves abnormally, it is time to make an in -depth analysis of the computer.Yes, because there is a good chance that we have a spyware installed without our knowledge on the PC.The world of computer security offers various solutions that are supported by your favorite antivirus.We are talking about the various anti malware and antispyware.

Thanks to this guide we will see what importance has an antispyware installed on your PC or laptop.

What is an antispyware

By summarizing we can say that an antispyware is nothing more than a software that allows you to eliminate some threats from your operating system.This type of malicious files were created by the various hackers to steal the personal information on the offending computer.Spyware are not properly viruses, their characteristic is in fact the one who cannot replicate.

However, this peculiarity is certainly not a positive note, indeed.This type of malware allows the attackers to take control of the PC remotely until they take possession of their identity.

This is why a spyware is much more dangerous than a common virus.So choose a good antispyware program is the best choice you can make if you want to preserve your digital safety and your PC.

By definition an antispyware is a software that can find and remove malicious files.Soon let's see together the best antispyware of this 2021.

The best antispyware 2021

We took a while to find the various antispyware but we are ready to present our personal selection.Choosing the best of the many available on the net is sometimes not easy but don't fear we are here for this.There are different solutions both free and for a fee and according to our opinion they can be worthy of being part of the list.

In the next lines you will discover those that according to our experience can be considered the best antispyware of 2021 on the web:

  1. Spybot Search & Destroy
  2. Malwarebytes
  3. Spywareblaster
  4. Superantispyware
  5. Spyware Terminator
  6. Adaware
  7. Adwcleaner

Making yourself comfortable, the choice on the best antispyware is perhaps one of the most important for your PC or notebook especially if you use this device for work.

Spybot Search & Destroy

We have already described the first antispyware software in the guide dedicated to the best anti malware of 2021. Spybot Search & Destroy è un software che è presente nei vari siti internet da anni ed è ancora uno dei più efficaci.

The first version of this antispyware program came out in the now distant 2001 and after 20 years it is still one of the first in the rankings between the most downloaded by users all over the world.

This antispyware may not be very captivating as regards its interface but we leave this to the aesthetics.In fact, beautiful things are not always equally functional.Spybot offers three variants: two for a fee and one totally free.The free version allows you to detect and delete spyware, rootkit malware and other malicious files.

Home is the first paid version that in addition to deleting from our system these spy files also has an antivirus included in the subscription.

The second paid variant is dedicated to a company audience that needs to protect its company computers from computer threats.

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The best antispyware 2021 (gratis e a pagamento)

Malwarebytes is the second antispyware software that we have selected for you.Like the previous one, you have certainly already seen this program in our last week dedicated to the best anti malware.

Precisely for this reason it is worthy of being considered one of the best antispyware currently in circulation, in fact it can identify and remove not only spyware but also other threats.

Malwarebytes is available in two versions: one completely free and one for a fee that allows you to have greater protection of your operating system.

The paid variant is mainly recommended for those who use the PC for work and do not want to have identity theft problems and others.

It is ideal if you already have a good antivirus installed on the computer, in fact it scan your PC and removes threats impeccablely.Unlike Spybot is very beautiful aesthetically, known not to be underestimated if you are particularly attentive to the attention to detail.

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Spywareblaster is an antispyware program that offers threat protection that can come from Activex.Exactly, the same ADDON which are used to activate multimedia content on a specific web page can be used by the attackers to have full access to the PC or to steal or steal personal information.There are two versions of this antispyware program, one free and one for a fee.

The paid variant compared to the free one is the one we feel more recommended as it has characteristics with an excellent value for money.However, both versions do not scan on our PC, it is therefore necessary to have an antivirus and an additional anti malware to be totally protected.


Superantispyware is the fourth choice that you can find in this guide.This antispyware does not only eliminate the homonymous threats but it is a powerful and effective software capable of removing from your computer Adware, various malware, Trojan and Rootkit.

This is also like Malwarebytes and others is one of the most downloaded by users around the world for its proven effectiveness in removing spyware.

It is an excellent choice if flanked to an antivirus as they offer the best possible protection in combination.

As with other software, there is also a paid version that allows you to have a real time scan of the various files in the system.

Spyware Terminator

Spyware Terminator is an interesting software that has very interesting features even in its free variant.We are faced with a very effective antispyware that thanks to the partnership with Microsoft is recommended for Windows PCs.

In addition to offering real time protection, the free version is also equipped with the Hips feature that controls the various programs, even the less unsuspected ones.The program is automatically updated, thus guaranteeing a database always in step with the times.


Adoware initially was born as an anti adblocker is now a real antivirus that allows you to remove ransomware, spyware and other malware.

Thanks to a function of this spyware our digital identity is safe.This is thanks to the 256 -bit AES encryption standard.In addition, the most important files on our PC are encrypted by making them illegible by the attackers.

In addition to this feature called Digital Lock, this spyware offers protection of the mailboxes, on the web Sites and a truly effective parental control.

Adaware is perhaps one of the most complete software of this guide capable not only of removing malware and spyware but also to protect our documents.


Adwcleaner is a free program of the same company that produces Malwarebytes and which allows you to remove spyware and some malware on the web and on our computer.

It is very effective especially in the removal of annoying hijacker browsers, the malicious files present in some programs downloaded from the internet that change the home page of our browser.

The program is also completely free in Italian.The start of the program is an executable and does not require installation on your PC.

Features of a good antispyware

A good antispyware is the program that allows you to have a cleaning of your PC without going too far to weigh in everyday use.

This type of software is very similar to anti malware, in practice they are often joined by an antivirus to have a more effective and in -depth cleaning of the system.

Considering that the threats that can attack our system and our personal data are truly manifold it is good to choose the best antispyware program more suitable for our needs.

In addition to spyware these programs usually analyze and destroy malware of the caliber of Ransomware, Bootkit, Rootkit, Trojan, Keylogger, Worm, Adware, Dialer and others more or less known.

Computer security: General advice

When it comes to IT security, prevention is essential not to find yourself with the PC full of viruses and malware.For this if you are fanatics and take care more to your PC than to something else, this guide could do for you.

In our selection, in fact, we have chosen for you the best antispyware that can help you make your computer cleaning easier by eliminating threats.

Depending on your use, you feel free to choose the respective paid or free versions of the antispyware software that you can appreciate a few lines above.Soon we see the frequent questions that the various users, experts and less, are done when they have to choose a specific antispyware.

Frequent questions

As already announced in this paragraph we will try to see the FAQs, aka frequently asked questions on the subject of this guide.

Make yourself comfortable, soon we will answer your questions, we will clarify your doubts and uncertainties about antispyware software.

As in the previous guide last week also in this the question we find more frequently on the web is that relating to the difference between viruses and spyware.

Of the multiple we found around for the various websites and forums in the sector we decided to answer 4 questions.Let's see the answers together.

What is the difference between spyware and viruses?

One thing that unites spyware and viruses is certainly what both are computer threats.A spyware is therefore in all respects a malicious software that infects our PC, the same thing we can say about a virus.

The substantial difference, however, is that relating to the ability of viruses to multiply, which usually a spyware is unable to do.

The spyware compared to viruses steal our personal data or modify a file.With this we don't want to say that they are less harmful to our system, indeed.A virus, on the other hand, can even make the PC unusable.

Is a free antispyware effective?

The same thing we answered in the demand relating to anti malware we can safely replicate it also as regards antispyware.The 7 solutions we have selected for you also have a very valid free variant.

In fact, it is not always essential to buy the paid version, especially if we are users who use their PC for leisure and not for work.Which is different for those who use the computer for working purposes.

In summary, we can say that the free antispyware are also effective.

Do antispyware provide real -time protection?

This question is perhaps one of the most interesting we found on the web.But answer is not so simple for a series of reasons.Not all antispyware has this function that allows you to have a control of your PC in real time.

The feature in question is certainly one of the most sought after among antispyware software because it allows you to have more effective control of the files on our PC.In fact, even if the program is not open in the foreground it will also work in the background without problems.

If you believe that this feature can be fundamental for your antispyware then you can choose a program with these characteristics, otherwise you are free to search for the best solution among the 7 software that we have selected for you.

Which antispyware are available in Italian?

Practically all the antispyware software that we have selected for you have their version in Italian.

A program with our language is certainly more immediate than one that perhaps only has the English language.In reality, however, this additional package if I without it is certainly not a serious loss in antispyware software.The functions and options selectable are often very intuitive even in another language.Do you prefer to have a software in your language or can you compromise in order to get more benefits?

The answer we can give you is certainly the one that if you have seen an antispyware that could be for you, however, it is without Italian language you can proceed without problems with installation.Otherwise, if for you the foreign language represents an insurmountable wall, well perhaps better to choose a program with the Italian language.

Summary and conclusions

By summarizing the sums we can say that the choice of an antispyware for your device is perhaps one of the most spot on you can do.An antivirus is not enough to eradicate the threats of the web that are constantly evolving.That's why an antispyware is needed to be joined by a valid antivirus.