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Time: 25/Sep By: kenglenn 482 Views

WhatsApp is working on a functionality that could do the happiness of many, solving in a simple way an atavistic problem of the messaging platform note, or how to transfer the chat chronology from iPhone to an Android smartphone and vice versa.

Over time there have been unofficial tools to achieve this result, but as revealed by Wabetainfo, the application developers are at work to create an integrated tool in the client and officially supported.Not insignificant circumstance, considering that still the use of unofficial apps to transfer chats from one device to another can determine the suspension of the account (see.the official faq).

For the moment, the source has shared only a screenshot that testifies to the development of the new function, but it is not yet possible to know when it will make its debut in the WhatsApp versions for iOS and Android: it will arrive with a future update, says Wabetainfo, but any is missingtiming and the function was not even integrated into a public beta version.The tool is part of the efforts that WhatsApp is making to allow access to the resources of the platform, regardless of the device used - we remember in this regard the steps forward on the multi -district support front.

WhatsApp: in arrivo trasferimento backup chat da iPhone ad Android (e viceversa) - HDblog.it